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How many of us get excited for the Holiday season? I know that I’ve gotten into the holiday spirit way more lately because of all the yearly traditions and activities my wife plans for with the kids and other family members. However, I like to plan and prepare on the monetary side of things because a lot of the holidays revolve around shopping which entails the spending of money and usage of credit cards.

Now with Thanksgiving literally right around the corner, the advertising behind Black Friday is huge. I personally feel this is the time we’re tempted the most to break out the credit cards in order to take advantage of the great deals and to purchase all of our Holiday gifts. This tends to happen to so many of us, so I feel it’s part of my duty as a professional in the credit repair field to provide you with valuable information on how to go about using your credit cards this holiday season.

1.) Budget all of your holiday spending before making your first shopping trip. I know this can be hard at times because I know for me as a parent I tend to feel the pressure of outdoing every previous year, but remember that you don’t need to break the bank in order to make it a memorable holiday season. Last thing you want is to spend money that you actually do not have.

2.) Speak to a customer service representative to learn more on how your credit card can make your holiday budget go further. Remember that most credit cards have additional benefits or rewards especially for purchases made during Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday.

3.) Stay on top of all your credit card charges and balances. You want to make sure there isn’t any unauthorized charges being done, but in the case that there is make sure to report them immediately. Also, being aware of your balance helps you stay within your budget; in other words it helps you stay on check.

4.) Try to avoid opening new retail store accounts. During the holidays, nearly every major retailer will ask you if you’d like to get their credit card and earn a percentage off of your purchase. Although this may save you some money at the time; don’t be tempted. Remember that every time you accept, your credit must be run which will result in an inquiry, and cause your scores to drop to an extent.

5.) Know your interest rates! Last thing you want is to use a credit card with high interest rates because you will be paying way more than what’s relative to the principal balance. Also, if possible pay more than the minimum each month when beginning to receive your statement.

Hope you all find this information helpful and valuable for this upcoming Holiday season, and you can start the New Year fresh instead of with any holiday credit card debt. Happy Holidays!!

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