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Credit Repair in Los Angeles

Marked by the presence of juicy apples, plump orange pumpkins, and an assortment of colored leaves dropping to the ground below, Fall is a spectacular season in the greater Los Angeles region. Unlike in other areas of the country, you can lay out on the beach and then head off to a fun fall harvest event - all in one day. It is the season in which events like the Los Angeles Coffee Festival, Griffith Indian Arts Festival, L.A. Zoo Lights, and the Magical Chinese Lantern Festival are in full swing. With the holidays approaching, you want to make sure your finances are in order so you can take full advantage of all the fun there is to be had.

Credit problems can happen to anyone when unexpected situations like income loss and medical emergencies come up, and when you research credit repair Los Angeles, you are likely to be bombarded with many companies promising to help you wipe your financial slate clean, but do not work to resolve the underlying issues. At Build Worth Strategies, we come up with permanent solutions to help you get your finances under control and build a solid financial future; read on to learn more.

Draining the Credit Swamp

Credit repair is the first step to a solid financial future. We are a professional credit repair Los Angeles company who values all of our clients. We will examine your full credit report and discuss it with you in terms you can understand, as well as dispute errors aggressively on your behalf. We challenge the credit reporting agencies so you don't have to.

While clearing your credit report of inaccurate information, we will also negotiate settlements and lower payments so you can pay off debt in a time frame that is comfortable for you. Draining the credit swamp leads to a higher credit score and you finally hearing, "Yes!" When you apply for low interest rate loans in the future.

Continuing Education

Our credit repair Los Angeles services are not over once you achieve a higher credit score. Good credit health is an ongoing process and we stay in touch with clients to ensure their financial goals are met year after year. From monthly informational articles to personal emails to each of our clients, we make sure you are armed with the information you need to make good financial decisions going forward. Having a low credit score drastically affects your ability to get a loan and save money for emergencies in the future. Contact us today so we can help you navigate your credit report and work up solutions to make negative markings go away once and for all. With all of the beauty and amazing things to do in Los Angeles this time of year, we want to help you enjoy your holidays more and worry about credit problems less!

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